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AM Compass Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of several distinctive but closed related high-tech products, including optical components, precision mechanical services, thermal solutions and hermetic packages. We bring top quality low cost high-tech products and services from Asia to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), distribution channels and service providers in North and South American markets. 

Our Mission

Continuing improvement to exceed customer expectations!

Company Profile

AM Compass Groups is an US-based Sales & Marketing division of 6 Asian holding premier manufactures, established to help American customers, to gain access to a specific line of high quality technology products made in Asia. We focus on a selected line of optical components, complete precision engineering services and hermetic packages now, and will expand to related industries in the future. 

It is an undisputable fact that Asia is increasingly becoming the World’s manufacturing base. Leveraging the low cost high quality labor force, as well as a massive domestic market, Asian manufacturers can deliver quality products at aggressive prices.  Direct sourcing can be a very risky and frustrating experience to American companies, due to differences in language, culture, product standards, industry knowledge, currency risk, payment terms, laws & regulations, and other international transaction related issues. AM Compass Group Inc bridges this gap by staffing our a US registered corporation with experienced sales and engineers to provide outstanding local customer services and technical support, easy payment arrangement, while maintaining quick delivery and competitive pricing.

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Thank you for your interest in our company, products, or services. You can go to "Contact Us" page to send us an email of  your requests or comments so we can contact you for detailed solutions we can provide you. For immediate attention, you can also contact us by the following ways:

+1 408-921-3400
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1085 Windsor Street, San Jose, CA 95129-2838, U.S.A.
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