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Cable Assemblies



AM Compass Group Inc. provides a complete line of optical cable assemblies. In addition to traditional SC, FC, ST connectors, we also produce small form factor (SFF) connectors like LC, MU and E2000, as well as multi-fiber connectors including MPO/MTP (4, 8, 12, and 24 fibers) and MT-RJ. We make fanouts from ribbon, MPO/MTP and fiber arrays to meet stringent quality requirements.  


Complete optical jumpers, pigtails, patchcord, fanouts
Build to customer specification
Low insertion loss, High return loss
Terminating MPO,  ribbons, Fiber Arrays,
Environmentally stable and reliable, RoHS compliant
Bellcore GR-326 or 1435 conformed


Optical Network Equipment
CATV, Sensor System, Measuring Technique
Storage Area Networks
Active Device Termination
cable assemblies 光跳线&尾纤 adapter 光纤适配器

Traditional Connectors

SC/UPC, FC/UPC: SM/MM IL<0.20dB, RL>50dB
SC/APC, FC/APC: SM.MM IL<0.25dB, RL>60dB
LC/UPC, MU/UPC: SM/MM IL<0.25dB, RL>50dB
LC/APC, MU/APC: SM.MM IL<0.30dB, RL>60dB
E2000/UPC:             SM/MM IL<0.25dB, RL>50dB
Single Mode, MultiMode (50um, 62.5um)

Multi-fiber Connectors

MPO(MTP)/APC: 4, 8, 12SM fiber  IL<0.35dB,  RL>60dB
MPO(MTP)/APC: SM 24-fiber  IL<0.75dB, RL>55dB
MPO(MTP)/APC: 4, 8, 12SM fiber  IL<0.35dB,  RL>60dB
MPO(MTP)/APC: SM 24-fiber  IL<0.75dB, RL>55dB
Fanouts & BTerminations
Ribbon fanout, MP/MTP fanout, Fiber array termination

Customization and Accessories

AMCG offers fully customized solutions in the following aspects:

         Fiber type:  BendSafe fiber (BIF, ITU-T G.657 A or B),  SM, MM 50 and 62.5um fiber, specialty fiber.

         Performance options: insertion loss can be as low as 0.1dB max, return loss can be higher than 60dB;

         Jacket cord types: bare ribbon, jacketed ribbon cord, 900um, 2mm and 3mm cord;

         Cord Material options: PVC, Hytrel, LSZH, PVDF

         Adapter options: LC, MU, SC simplex/duplex. FC, ST, MPO, either straight or hybrid.

         Attenuators: Plug-in type attenuators with various attenuation values.