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Optical Solutions

Cable Assemblies
Fiber Arrays
Metalized Fibers
PLC Splitters


AM Compass Group Inc manufacturers and markets a broad line of passive optical components. All the products are manufactured in ISO 9000 certified factories and passed Telcordia testing.

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SM/MM, Simplex/Duplex, PC/UPC/APC (LC, MU, E2000 SC, FC, ST, MT-RJ, MPO/MTP)  Patch Cords, pigtails or ribbon fanouts. Adapters: Simplex/Duplex/Hybrid (FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MPO)

Full Pitch (2/4/8/16) or Half Pitch (8/16/32/40/48/64/80/96) Fiber Arrays, Epoxy or Silicon 0.5/0.7um core-offset, Metallized or Collimator Fiber arrays, Fiber Blocks. Polarization Maintaining (1/2/4/8) Fiber Arrays, Fanouts to LC/SC/FC/MU in SM or PM fiber.

Single or ribbon optical fibers nickel or gold plated s in either one-end or mid-span stripping

Full spectrum of PLC-splitters up to 1x64 in a miniature or ruggedized packages.