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Metalized Fibers



AM Compass Group Inc. proudly announces a new addition to our optical cable product line, it complement our effort to provide hermetic sealing of optical fiber to devices. A layer of nickel, or nickel and gold are deposited to the cladding layer of stripped fiber, allowing fiber to be soldered to feedthrough, input tubes and housings. We offer single fiber or ribbon fiber metalized either at one end, or mid-span, can be combined with fiber arrays and fanout out to LC MU SC or terminate to MPO/MTP.

Single strand optical fiber metalization




  • High-reliable, no fiber cracking or breakage

  • Gold plating thickness controlled between 0.1 to 1.0um

  • Sealing directly with solder, avoid

  • We offer either bare or terminated metalized ribbons fanout to regular connectors.


  • Hermetic sealing of optical fiber to feedthrough or metal devices

  • Fiber attachment by soldering to butterfly package and other

  • Mid-span metalized zoon allower fiber array sealing to AWB or ROADM